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Tips For Great Winter Vacations

Is a winter vacation on your bucket list? Maybe you’re an avid skier, enjoy cross country skiing or just appreciate being outside in the mountains. Whether you’re heading out with your family or a group of friends, winter vacation options are abundant. Follow these recommendations from the travel professionals and you’ll soon be making memories that will last a life time.

The first order of business is to set your travel dates and decide on a budget for the trip. Research your destination and determine the accommodation options that are available. An increasingly popular option for vacation accommodations is private home rental in lieu of booking hotel rooms. This is often more economical and allows for a more spacious setting. Having a kitchen and dining room also allows for more private family dinners where loads of wonderful memories are sure to be made.

Determine if you will drive to your destination or fly and rent a vehicle upon arrival. The earlier these bookings are made, the greater choice you’ll have. Check out the mapping website to determine the best routes and decide on a time of departure to ensure arrival near the check in time.  You’ll want to take full advantage of the accommodations you’ve rented.

Finally, check the weather forecast and begin making a packing list for your winter vacation. If you’ll be skiing, determine how you will transport your skis if you elect not to rent skis at the ski slopes. It’s recommended to dress in layers in cooler temperatures. The weather will change during the course of the day and layers are easy to shed and add.  Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and invest in a warm pair of Uggs for your trip. Your feet will stay warm and dry. Also plan to pack kitchen basics if you anticipate cooking and at the very least have items needed for morning coffee. Most likely there will be a grocery store nearby.

Pack your power cables for your electronics and prepare to take lots of pictures to preserve the wonderful memories you’ll no doubt make on your winter holiday!